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Rebellious Sisterhood – Votes For Women

Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst is not a well woman. Recently released from prison, refusing to eat has left her weak and debilitated. She finds sanctuary at the cottage of her friend, the composer, Ethel Smyth. But their peace is challenged by the arrival of young firebrand, Grace Roe, fresh from turning East Anglia into a hotbed of Suffragette protest.

Memories surface – some are amusing, while others are painful. Hunger striking, force feeding and even martyrdom are balanced by exciting rallies, camaraderie on being arrested, humour at facing the judges and sisterhood, even in prison.

‘No cost is too high, in service of the Cause,’ Mrs Pankhurst tells young Grace.

But the cost is indeed very high, as family rifts, rivalries and growing violence threaten the three women . Will the end really justify the means or the price paid?

This is a tale of friendship, hardship, jealousy and rivalry at the heart of The Cause. Karen Forbes’ exciting new play takes a rare glimpse behind the scenes at the private lives and the personal cost paid by the leaders of the Suffragettes.

What audiences and critics said about the show:

‘Excellent performances by three wonderful actors’ – GN, Great Yarmouth

‘Brilliant play’ – MR, Lowestoft

‘Their anguish and struggle are harrowingly well depicted in Cordelia Spence’s production. The passionate acting shows both the achievement and the cost.’ Diss On Line

‘Thought provoking, inspirational and very moving.’ About Thetford.

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