Welcome to Broad Horizons Theatre Company. We are a lively small theatre company based in Norfolk run by Judi Daykin and Rhett Davies. Our aim is to produce the best in established and new writing for touring to theatres, arts centres, rural touring schemes, community and educational venues.

Our primary focus is on women’s stories. Famous or forgotten, we believe that it is more necessary than ever to share the lives of some very remarkable women, the events that they took part in and, in many cases, led. Creative women, hard working women, political women, home-makers or educators. There are so many great stories to tell that it is hard to choose between them.

It is with considerable personal regret that I have to announce the cancellation of our Spring 2021 tour of Murder, Margaret and Me. 

Like most of the rest of the country, we are following the progress of the COVID pandemic closely. The current situation with the new virus strain and the lack of certainty of what the early part of 2021 might hold for everyone has meant that we now feel obliged to review our plans for the whole of 2021.

Unfortunately, the proposed tour does not qualify for Arts Council or other grant aid. The tour is economically impossible with socially distanced audience numbers, especially as the majority of our partner venues have small auditoriums.

It is also not a show that can easily be socially distanced on stage. Even if that were resolvable, there are issues with providing safe distancing during rehearsals and backstage for cast and crew at some of our smaller partner venues. Our priority must be the safety of our cast, crew, partner venue staff and above all our audience members.

We have been in contact with all our partners. They will, no doubt, be willing to sort out any ticket requirements for you once they are able to do so,please be patient with them. Many venues are facing uncertain futures, as we are ourselves.

These are difficult times for everyone concerned. Not being eligible for funding has been a blow to us. We are trying to ensure the survival of our company and do hope that you will want to continue watching our shows in the future. Bear with us! We are doing our best!!

We hope to have some good news to share with you soon, so do check our Facebook page for updates. Plans are hatching for a COVID secure one-woman play, which we hope to tour during 2021. We have permission to continue with Murder, Margaret and Me at a future time, which we intend to do.

Previous tours include The Little Bit The Boys Admire by John Mangan and Rebellious Sisterhood – Votes For Women by Karen Forbes.

Current and Recent Productions

Murder, Margaret and Me

Agatha Christie is not happy. Miss Marple is about to be brought to life by Britain’s foremost comedy actress, Margaret Rutherford. The films are destined to become the most successful franchise of 1960’s British cinema. But Christie thinks Rutherford will turn her favourite character into a laughing stock, and Margaret doesn’t want to sully her reputation with something as sordid as murder.

Humour, thrills, pathos and sleuthing combine to make this unique play a must for all lovers of crime fiction, secrets and comedy.

Rebellious Sisterhood – Votes For Women

Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst is not a well woman. Recently released from prison, her hunger strike has left her weak and debilitated. 1913 has not been an easy year. Family arguments threaten scandal. Financially embarrassed and living out of a suitcase, she is terrified at the prospect of being returned to prison. The only sanctuary is with her friend, the composer, Ethel Smyth. But Ethel’s love for Emmeline is about to be challenged by the arrival of young firebrand, Grace Roe, fresh from turning East Anglia into a hotbed of Suffragette protest.

This exciting play takes a rare glimpse behind the scenes at the private lives and the personal cost paid by the leaders of the Suffragettes.

The Little Bit The Boys Admire

Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Marie Lloyd, that pulchritudinous personification of the Golden Age of Music Hall, invites you to an evening of entertainment excellence in the Euterpian and Terpsichorean Arts …….she’ll sing and dance a bit, sir!

Yes, Miss Marie Lloyd, for one night only, will tell the story of her astonishing and inspiring rise to become the Queen of British Entertainment.

With frequent assistance and factual correction from that virtuoso of contrariwise confusion…. she dresses as a man, madam! – Miss Vesta Tilley!

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