Rebellious Sisterhood – Votes For Women

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In 1913 Mrs Pankhurst was arrested and imprisoned. She begins a hunger strike, only to be released under the Cat and Mouse Act. Finding refuge with close friend Ethel Smyth, re-arrest is imminent. Now family scandal and declining health threaten to leave the Cause without a leader.

Enter the young firebrand, Grace Roe. Fresh from turning East Anglia into a hotbed of Suffragette protest and action, Grace is Emmeline’s latest protégé. Full of stories of her dangerous exploits and grand plans, this much younger woman is the one Emmeline intends to be her successor at the head of the WSPU.

This is a tale of friendship, hardship, jealousy and rivalry at the heart of The Cause. Karen Forbes’ exciting new play takes a rare glimpse behind the scenes at the private lives and the personal cost paid by the leaders of the Suffragettes.